About us

We don’t stand still!

We are the pioneers bringing the Latin vibes into your life! Papi Chulo, a fast-growing Latin & Caribbean brand from the Netherlands, organized 150 events in 30 cities and 4 countries with a total of 80,000 visitors in two years!

With a weekly club night in Ibiza and a large indoor and outdoor festival, we are on the rise for many more fun things to do. We plan to come all the way to South America, give a tour through Spain and even release a track with world famous artists!

We previously launched a rapidly growing YouTube channel with live sets from Afro Bros, Tribal Kush and many more. Also the music releases in collaboration with worldwide hot and new artists are not lacking. We are definitely not going to stop!

Discover the world of Latin vibes

With our events we give people the chance to see and feel what the Latino vibe is all about in a ‘classy- but- sassy’ way. A Papi Chulo event is an all-in-one experience: meet new friends, dance or learn to dance with salsa or bachata workshops, discover new DJs and go wild with the resident DJs, hot and new artists, gigs and brass band and take pictures with our dancers and of course our Papigayo! Summed up, all entertainment!

Papi Chulo’s mission is the Latin feel- good – vibes and lifestyle spread by different cultures to connect to each other through music. This is why you will hear a lot of different Latino music, from reggaeton to bachata. The party that started in the street with everyone dancing and grew into a night that never ended!


Papi Chulo was founded by Daniël Kingma, who fell head over heels in love with the vibes of South American and Latin music after watching a documentary about Buena Vista Social Club.

Now Papi Chulo has grown into a multicultural team working towards one goal: to create a fast growing Latin lifestyle concept. We work with a highly dedicated team that builds our network worldwide. We connect producers, DJs, artists, our event and project managers with all the love in our hearts to spread the Latin culture. Papi Chulo, the one and only dance floor where the whole world runs wild and unites!