South America Tour!

The Dutch event organization Papi Chulo is spreading its wings to South America. Major tours are planned later this year in Colombia. In addition, in 2022 editions will take place in Spain (Ibiza, Valencia and others), Germany (Berlin, Munich and others), Italy and Belgium.

We have stolen the hearts of lovers of Latin and Caribbean dance music in several countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium. “Our goal is to connect different cultures through music and by doing so, spreading the Latin feel good vibes and lifestyle”, says founder Daniël Kingma.

Daniël was captivated by the Latin vibes at a young age after seeing a documentary about the Buena Vista Social Club. He has lived in Spain for three years and studied event organization before he started organizing Latin events himself. “Because of my passion for South American culture and music, I came with the idea to bring everyone some new vibes! Papi Chulo was the perfect name that everyone is familiar with.” Papi Chulo started in 2018 and in no time, we were organizing parties al throughout the Netherlands and in Belgium. Spain and Germany soon followed. From the start, sitting still or standing still was not an option for the visitors of our dynamic parties. The events guarantee loads of entertainment and good vibes! “That is the best thing there is for me and my team. That you feel like the party will never end with those wonderful Latin vibes. We will go on!”

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